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At Longpre Architecture, our core values of genuine respect, wellbeing, innovation, and passion inspire us to create human-centric designs that go beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated and diverse team, led and owned by a member gay community, collaborates to develop extraordinary architecture, seamlessly integrating soul, wellbeing, delight, and value into spaces that elevate the human experience.

Our approach is centred on understanding and celebrating the unique qualities of each individual, fostering a workplace that values people, cultivates personal and professional growth, and is guided by compassion and respect. We believe that inclusivity and diversity are crucial to unlocking the full potential of our creative solutions.

Meet the passionate individuals behind Longpre Architecture by scrolling down. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey to bring your vision to life, designing spaces that resonate with your essence and contribute to a vibrant and enriching future. Experience the unique touch of Longpre Architecture. Contact us today and trust our team to deliver soulful, meaningful designs tailored to your every need.


David Longpre at Longpre Architecture



Architect AIBC, MArch, BFA

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With over a decade of experience in design and architecture, David Longpre is highly skilled architect with a strong background in providing quality designs with a strong emphasis on his client's physical health and mental well-being. He earned his Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary, where he focused on sustainable architecture, innovative systems and incorporating an international aesthetic into his designs. In addition to his formal education, David has also studied abroad in Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia, gaining valuable insight into different approaches to architecture and design.

Throughout his career, David has worked with both small and large architectural firms domestically and internationally. In Japan, he was exposed to the concept of "kami," or the soul of objects, influencing his belief that architecture should be "Vessels for the Soul." He has also learned the value of minimal living in Japan, which has been helpful in his designs in Vancouver, where space can be at a premium. This concept was strengthened when he worked with the Blood Tribe in Alberta for the Red Crow Community College at his previous employer. Our connection to community, culture, and land is essential in creating architecture with soul. 

David places a high value on using authentic materials in his designs and believes in taking a genuine approach to each project. He avoids using cheap or faux materials, as he believes that every material holds a unique function, place, and quality, which helps to express the soul of a building. 

David has gained extensive experience in various project types, including commercial developments, restaurants, offices, health facilities, colleges, laneway houses, multi-family housing, and heritage/character house conversions. He is interested in preserving the cultural past through adaptively reusing older structures. He takes pride in bringing practical, innovative sustainable solutions to each project, such as passive design and learning from our ancestral past. 

David primarily focuses on creating designs that prioritize physical and mental well-being. This aspect is achieved by returning to our ancestors who instinctively knew the importance of nature, light, air, sky, security and art. He is highly skilled at creating designs that prioritize these factors, and his unique design aesthetic and practical approach could add value to your projects. If you resonate with David and need an architect, consider reaching out to Longpre Architecture, where we will work with you to create a space that can indeed be a vessel for your soul.



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