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At the heart of urban renewal in BC and Vancouver, multiplexes emerge as a revolutionary approach to living spaces, blending architectural finesse with the rich diversity of residential options. From duplexes to fourplexes, these multi-unit homes exemplify the intelligent utilisation of urban land, offering adaptable living solutions for our ever-changing community needs.

Longpre Architecture is at the forefront of crafting these spaces, ensuring each multiplex transcends the ordinary. We don’t just design buildings; we create homes that resonate with warmth and character, fostering a sense of well-being and belonging. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to ensure our development partners achieve substantial financial returns without compromising on quality.

Let's reimagine urban living together. Connect with a LA multiplex expert today to explore your property's potential or to gain insights into the world of multiplex projects with our complimentary consultation.



In Vancouver, multiplex projects are readily approved, setting the stage for diverse urban development. While British Columbia's regulations and timelines apply, the streamlined processes in Vancouver are a boon for developers. It's important to note that while BC's regulatory acceptance is encouraging, the adaptation by other cities is ongoing, and eligible properties currently require single-family zoning in municipalities with over 5,000 residents. These criteria, however, are evolving alongside the program.

When considering a multiplex, it's essential to understand the myriad of factors that can affect your project's feasibility and success. Longpre Architecture is your ally in this process, offering a full review to ensure your property is a prime candidate for a multiplex development. Here are some crucial aspects to consider:

  • Building Height and Storeys: Compliance with height restrictions and permissible storey counts is key, as is understanding how basements are classified under zoning laws.

  • Tree Protection: The presence and health of trees on your lot can significantly influence your development plan. An arborist's assessment is not only crucial for your property but also for maintaining good relations with your neighbors.

  • Electrical Transformer Capacity: Verify that local electrical infrastructure can handle the increased demand of a multiplex.

  • Rainwater Management: Effective strategies for rainwater on your property are not just recommended but required.

  • Site Configuration: The size and shape of your lot may dictate whether you go for single or multiple building configurations, each with its own set of design challenges and opportunities.

  • Outdoor Space: Intelligent design of outdoor areas can greatly enhance living quality within the spatial limitations of your site.

  • Addressing and Access: Ensure each unit has a clearly defined address and access point, which is particularly crucial for units with differing orientations.

  • Consultants: For larger projects, an experienced consultant team becomes essential, encompassing various specialties from architecture to geotechnical engineering.

  • Landscape Design: While not a requirement, well-planned landscaping significantly boosts both aesthetic appeal and property value.

  • Heritage Considerations: Engage with city planners early if your property includes a heritage-listed building to explore preservation incentives.

  • Fire Access and Building Code: Every development must strictly adhere to fire safety regulations and building codes, providing safe and accessible living spaces for all residents.

Before taking the leap into multiplex development, let Longpre Architecture's expertise guide you. We offer a meticulous site analysis to affirm the potential of your property for such an endeavor. To avoid costly missteps and to leverage our insights for your property's assessment, get in touch with us today. For an in-depth understanding of these considerations, we encourage visiting the Multiplex How-to Guide on the Vancouver website to learn more about the Multiplex Program.

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Our Fees

Understanding the cost of architectural services is crucial when planning your multiplex project. At Longpre Architecture, we uphold the values of transparency and clarity when discussing fees with our clients. In alignment with the standards set by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC), as outlined in Bulletin 55, our fees for multiplex projects are set at a fixed rate of 4% of the estimated construction costs. This translates to a fee range between $90,000 and $150,000, depending on project specifics.


Our comprehensive service includes project coordination and liaison with the city. We streamline the process to eliminate the need for additional client representatives and project managers, who may incur substantial extra costs. With Longpre Architecture, you receive full-spectrum architectural services that not only fulfill but exceed the traditional scope, ensuring your investment is managed with expertise and efficiency from start to finish.

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