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Step into a world where architecture transcends mere design — where the essence of human spirit, passion, and well-being intertwine. At Longpre Architecture, we see beyond concrete and glass; we sculpt experiences, curate dreams, and embed soul into every blueprint. Nestled in the bustling heart of Vancouver since 2022, our vision extends beyond the skyline; it's about reimagining the very ethos of the architectural community.

Embracing diversity is more than just a mantra for us; it's the cornerstone of our innovation. We understand the profound power of inclusivity and recognize that every individual brings a unique set of strengths to the drafting table. At LA, we don't see you just as an employee; we view you as an essential human being, an architect of change, and a future entrepreneur. It's in this nurturing environment that both personal and professional growth flourish, unlocking the potential for unparalleled creative solutions.

Dive deeper and meet the passionate minds that form the bedrock of Longpre Architecture. Together, we aim to not just create, but to inspire — to sculpt a future imbued with purpose and resonating designs. Join our journey and redefine the boundaries of architecture, one groundbreaking project at a time.


At Longpre Architecture, we're deeply committed to creating a workplace where individuals are valued with compassion and respect. While the profession of architecture has roots spanning millennia, its longevity is not owed to stagnation but to evolution.

It's time to redefine what we know, challenging the norms and traditions of 'how it used to be.' As we usher architecture into the 21st century, we prioritize our employees as unique human beings, emphasizing their life goals, commitments, well-being, and nurturing entrepreneurial spirits. We believe in the world's abundance and are dedicated to sharing this wealth through collective passion, hard work, and a deep-seated love for our craft















In many architectural firms, it's often observed that the principals reap most of the benefits while applying immense pressure on their teams to maximize output in minimal time. This dynamic can stifle growth, with many professionals plateauing within a few years and moving on in search of better prospects. Such a cycle not only quashes the passion for architectural design but has also become one of the pressing challenges in the architectural industry today.

At Longpre Architecture (LA), we believe in a different approach. Recognizing that there's ample abundance to share, we want our team to feel genuinely connected to the company's success. While formal partnerships or ownership stakes aren't options, we proudly offer a profit-sharing program. This initiative ensures that your dedication doesn't go unnoticed or unrewarded. With LA, our clients are your clients, and your commitment directly impacts our collective triumphs. As we grow, so does the potential abundance for all. Because, at LA, we're not just colleagues — we're all stakeholders in success.

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At LA, our ethos is rooted in fostering creativity while balancing the operational needs of our profession. We champion the idea that architectural design doesn't strictly adhere to a 9-5 window. While our team members are encouraged to be available during these core hours for crucial client interactions and internal/external coordination, we recognize that true innovation often occurs outside this timeframe.

Embracing the modern work landscape, LA operates on a hybrid remote work model. This allows our architects and designers the flexibility to work where they're most inspired, be it from a quiet home office, a vibrant café, or our collaborative LA headquarters. However, given the nature of our work, it's imperative that all team members are located within the Greater Vancouver Area. This ensures timely and efficient site visits, physical client meetings, and other essential face-to-face interactions.

By being participants in our profit-sharing program, each member is naturally inclined towards responsible time management, tying their commitment directly to our collective success. We trust in this shared vision and the integrity it engenders.

In essence, at LA, we're seeking that perfect blend: the freedom to harness personal creativity whenever it peaks, combined with the structure and location necessary to translate that creativity into tangible, breathtaking structures in our vibrant city. For at Longpre Architecture, we believe that in granting freedom, we unlock the boundless potential of both the individual and the collective.



In an era where digital platforms provide instant access to knowledge, the significance of hands-on, face-to-face learning is often overlooked. Generation Z, characterized by their innate curiosity and thirst for tangible growth, poses a vital question: "What can I gain from this workplace that I can't simply find on YouTube?"

At Longpre Architecture, we believe the answer lies in the rich traditions reminiscent of master craftsmen mentoring their apprentices. While architectural professionals are not craftsmen in the literal sense, the essence of this relationship is the same. It's not just about the transfer of technical skills, but the passing down of values, worldviews, and a unique perspective that transcends the ages. There's a deep, profound bond in such mentorship, a bond that digital tutorials can't replicate.

The architectural industry, unfortunately, is not devoid of firms that view their employees as mere expendables—a means to an end. Such a myopic view neglects the very core of what makes us human: our insatiable desire for purpose, meaning, and personal growth.

LA offers a stark contrast to this prevailing narrative. We champion the principles of apprenticeship and mentorship, drawing inspiration from the depth and dedication of historical master-apprentice relationships. By embodying these values, we aspire to be a guiding light, setting an exemplary path for the profession at large. If our ethos inspires change, we'll consider our mission a success. Here, every team member is more than a part of the process; they're an integral part of our story.

David Longpre, the founder of LA, is ardently committed to sharing his vast wealth of knowledge. He believes in guiding, nurturing, and mentoring. This cultivation of growth isn't just about collective achievements but nurturing individual potential. Our approach to mentorship binds LA together. We don't just prepare our team for projects; we empower them to imagine and realize their architectural dreams.

 We're in the business of building futures, enriched and fortified through the timeless bond of mentorship. In this journey, we discover the profound freedom of shared growth.

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The architectural community stands at a crossroads. While many venerable firms, founded over three to four decades ago, are shuttering their doors due to aging founders, lack of succession planning, or simply not finding a buyer, another challenge looms large. An increasing number of talented individuals are turning away from architecture, discouraged by daunting hours, the vast learning curve, and the lack of work-life balance.

At Longpre Architecture, we envision a different path. We don’t just see our team as employees; we view each one as a budding entrepreneur. By immersing them in the holistic workings of the firm and exposing them to all facets of business ownership, we equip them with the skills and knowledge to venture out on their own when the time is right. As direct profit participants, it's imperative they grasp the intricacies of running a business. In an industry where vital information is often cloistered away from employees, we believe in transparency. This openness not only empowers younger generations to grow and innovate but also fosters a richer, more collaborative environment.

The architectural challenges of our time demand innovative solutions. And often, innovation thrives when individuals break free from traditional roles and chase their unique vision. At LA, our mentorship goes beyond honing design skills; we nurture our team's entrepreneurial spirit. We share, teach, and prepare them to not just excel as architects but as future business leaders. Their success, in turn, amplifies the success of LA.

While it would indeed be bittersweet to see our team members move on, it would also be a moment of immense pride. It signifies that we've equipped them with the tools to stand on their own, to carve their niche, and to impact the architectural landscape profoundly. David Longpre, our founder, believes in this vision so fervently that he commits to reinvesting in these burgeoning talents, fostering partnerships and championing their entrepreneurial ventures.

The world needs daring thinkers and doers, and we're committed to molding the entrepreneurial architects of tomorrow. After all, it's not just about building structures, but building a community.



The human spirit is an intricate tapestry, woven with threads of consciousness, spirituality, psychology, and physicality. At Longpre Architecture, our mission revolves around understanding this complexity and nurturing it. David Longpre, our founder, has an enduring passion for exploring the depth of the human psyche, encompassing mental health, neuroscience, therapies, and the broader realms of metaphysics and spirituality. His keen interest in these disciplines raises a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human?

At LA, we believe our work's core is the well-being of the souls we serve — our clients. To truly embody this philosophy, we must first ensure that our own team resonates with these values. Our commitment to our staff's welfare, as detailed in preceding sections, isn't merely a corporate responsibility; it's a cornerstone of our ethos. We envision a community where every individual feels empowered, trusted, respected, and most importantly, at peace.

A harmonious workplace doesn't just translate to increased productivity; it's about reigniting the innate passion for architecture. Many of our team members were captivated by the world of architectural design as children, and our mission is to help them rediscover that spark. With the balance of mental and physical wellness, we strive to transform the conventional workspace into a sanctuary where authenticity reigns supreme. Where every day feels less like work and more like a journey of self-discovery and purpose.

They say that when you're in love with what you do, you don't work a day in your life; we ardently believe in this adage. Through fostering mental well-being, prioritizing physical health, and creating an atmosphere of genuine connection, we're not just building structures — we're sculpting a haven where the soul thrives.




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